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Re: [microsound] -mac laptop pad

> There are way too many resources for me to list, but
> you might want to check:

i'd like to add audiomulch <http://www.audiomulch.com> to this fine
list.  this is a seriously mad piece of software for pc users who are
interested in exploring digital audio manipulation.  i never see it
quoted as 'professional material' (probably because its interface is
actually easy to understand :) *duck*) but i've yet to get sick of it. 
& it offers realtime playing & recording direct to a wave file (you
can't record the 'steps' yet as you would with rebirth, though but that
seems to be planned for a future version).

essentially this program allows you to manipulate any audio source, be
it your cd player, line in, or any wave file.  (audio can also be
generated using some built-in components.)  instant electroacoustic
improv!  of course you can also make 'normal' music with it (a straight
beat gone through the granulator is always guaranteed to be a hell lot
of fun.)

it's non-crippled shareware that's well worth the $50 you are encouraged
to donate for it.  oh, & there's also a version on the recent acpi^0001
cd (featuring speedranch^jansky noise) if you don't feel like
downloading it.

~ david