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zammuto/solitare of stareau news...

For those who weren't able to get zammuto's stunning
solitare of stareau 3xcdr from last year, a cd (renamed
willscher) is in production for an official relase at the 
end of the month. The cd will be the firlst release on a 
danny wyatt & daniel raffel's new Apartmentb label. 
More info on this release and Apartmentb coming soon.

Also in the near future from Zammuto, watch for a
host of compilations appearances on a variety of
labels including tom, miau miau, microwave, and 
autumn to name a few.

Finally zammuto will be playing at brownies in 
NYC on the 23, all new material.

p.o. box 450715
westlake, ohio 44145
united states