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strange attraction to glitches

Hey. What's the best way to get artefacts into your audio. I use 
AudioCatalyst encoding software a lot because when I play the encoded MP3 on 
the Rio software there are lots of tasty artifacts. Unfortunately there is 
not much variation in this. Just wondering...By the way. Just came home from 
the store to a skipping cd. I recorded the output from the cd player using 
"TotalRecorder" software. A very handy program. I decided to run audiomulch 
and try to catch some of the output too and my computer just wasn't having 
it. The two programs simultaneously (I think) caused the cd skip to just 
intensify into this machine gun burst of sound....and then my computer went 
absolutely nuts, froze, and then blacked out. Had to pull the plug, just to 
start it again. I salvaged much of the recordings though. If anybody wants to 
hear a computer dying I'll send out an MP3. Pretty darn interesting. Of 
course this is probably nothing new, but not bad fun on a boring saturday 
night. Good night everyone.

J Mash
music director
wmts 88.3}