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Re: [microsound] refused

Hi Ross

i don't see australia being a problem either

you are trying to sign on with login name: guest , right?

that's the only thing i can think of right now

try inputting the ip address and leaving the other fields balnk and let me
know if that works

> Hi Eddie
> I have only managed to get on once, out of 2 days....
> i go to the servers box and click x2 on microsound...it says
> connecting...the task box has tried to connect and then the server box says
> REFUSED.....???
> i haven't changed any settings.....i was on the chat line and it stopped
> sending what i was typing...since then i get refused?
> I live in australia...but cant see that would be a problem.
> cheers
> ross
> PS ..very good idea to have this !!!