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special broadcast of permissile

~Sunday February 13 2000~
permissile: an audbl guid t?th glitc_

on CKUW 95.9fm (listener driven radio), with the assistance of Contour.net and sfeericle records -permissile is proud to present a special rebroadcast of three performances from the New Forms Music series and two rebroadcasts from the live performance series of noton?s 20 to 2000. Both directly streamed via real audio from contour.net. The performances include

		thomas brinkmann (profan, max & ernst, max ernst)
		ryoji ikeda (touch, staaltape, dumb type)
		richie hawtin aka Plastikman (min_s one)
		goem (kapotte muziek, mego, microwave, raster)
		komet (product, raster, mille plateaux)
listen: http://www.winnipeg.freenet.mb.ca/ckuw/index.html 4am EST
listen: http://www.ncra.ca/ 10am GMT

sfeericle records www.geocities.com/duul_drv/sfeehome.html contour.net

"cll_b. ~~.^.rith teYt nastiches ofho'd proqect
Llzrt Medi£al -r a fir£t definitixJe hosy)ital
sadom.aso£histic m.ythology anA a-m
igilous m iYture ri^1£u10lls HorroE Ho sn ital
Am.-= utee vim. .es tyn e c^-m.ie st~~:,r s
zn d Ja,r anese heinn giX.7en inie£tinns blltt
£oldly perXv7ersej Didier E:-bernni's
...enaAe" sho-x.^.ls- a fen.a.>l-e am.pl tee
stan^-inr~~- in a bed ~s^.~ith P.1~. C sheets
espectiXJe l'Eclaterr.ent de la lSessie bekXreen
Kikl  ehe natilrn of ehe fetich nontinuing
~ffinth the by noQ^z epic rlon-con~alescing
~.^7ith densaly o~?aglle acrJlic to inxJolve
uuli.yetjj." Uul<_drv

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