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announcing the birth of permissile on the internet

Greetings everyone.
I am proud to announce a new webpage. It is my person homepage with links to a new winnipeg, manitoba, canada records label called sfeericle records, a link to my radio program on CKUW, also there are some articles/interviews I have done over the past year and finally a link to a writer friend's page. I hope that everyone can at least take a few minutes to look over this new site, and hopefully offer criticisms of all degrees. I am new to html, so there are bound to be errors. I hope to expand upon it with more articles, real aduio and mp3 files, a link to a new ejournal focusing on unmediated extensions of all sorts, as well as adding a few more personal pages.
please email me off lists, with comments, criticisms, suggestions and possible contributions of any sort.

thanks for your time and support

"What passes for reality seems to me mostly a load of old rubbish invented by not very inventive minds. The reality that interests me is strange and flickering and haunting" -Russell Hoban, the Medusa Frequency

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