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Re: [microsound] ? shirttrax

this is a review i wrote for my website, but haven't posted as of yet. also contains a bonus review of deupree/chartier.

shirt trax _good news about space_ cd (or) 1999
taylor deupree & richard chartier _spec_ cd (12k 1007) 1999

two more CDs of minimalist pops, bleeps, hums and clicks. shirt trax is a project of one member of ultra-minimal techno outfit snd and another fellow; their take on the ?microwave? style is somehow a little giddier than the more common faux-academic seriousness.
although I don?t think anything on this album is quite as good as their track on the _decay_ compilation (ash int?l), some of the longer tracks are quite entertaining, experimenting with actual rhythms and very slow movement of sound waves through filtration and pitch bending. shirt trax don?t modulate; they wriggle. tinnitus sufferers beware.
taylor deupree (minimal techno stalwart, head of the 12k label) and richard chartier?s (minimal sound experimenter) _spec_ disc takes a more laid-back, zen approach to the oeuvre, with small arcs and taps slowly swelling across an absolutely blank sound canvas, with it?s strength lying in the slowly evolving micro-rhythms and layers of delicate, glass-like sine-resonances that take up the foreground, and the very subtle background developments.
it kind of reminds me of noto?s ?kern.rotar? from _kerne_ (plate
lunch), but unlike many other microsound/minimalist records I don?t find myself getting annoyed with the sheer repetitiveness of it; credit deupree and chartier with finding an unexpectedly complex order in the cellular chaos. bangin? on a subatomic scale.

(i apologize for not referencing deleuze, attali, vaneigem or derrida in this review.)


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