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Re: [microsound] j max

JMAX is IRCAM's open source version of MAX/FTS (which originally was for
NeXT and later SGI.  it consists of a unix server application, and a cross
platform java based client.  Currently it (the server) has compiled on x86
linux and sgi platforms - anyone ever compile on LinuxPPC?

Cycling74 however is releasing a `consumer` PC version of MAX/MSP which
should be parallel to Max/MSP for Macintosh - it is currently in alpha and
has been seeded to several testers.  - it will first be released as MIDI
only sometime this summer, followed by MSP audio extensions most likely in
the fall.

you can research more on unauthorized Max --  http://node.net/unmax/

> Hi Ross
> Jmax is already released however it does only run on a linux machine. Last
> week I heard the Max may be
> released on Windows so hang on in there!
> derek pierce
> Ross wrote:

>> I have heard that J Max is the name of the Max programme for PC....is this
>> true, is there a release date.?
>> Finally some fun to be had

-- deKam

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