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Re: [microsound] j max

>Hi all
>I have heard that J Max is the name of the Max programme for PC....is this true, is there a release date.?
>Finally some fun to be had

JMax is a version of Max developed by the fine folks
at IRCAM. The J stands for "Java." You can take a look
at it [and brush up on your French, should you so 
desire] at www.ircam.fr. For non-Cycling '74 person
opinions of JMax, I'd look to the Max Mailing List
at McGill or Johnny deKam's unfiltered list at

As a look at the company name under mine would suggest,
I'm somewhat biased ;-). Those of you brave enough to
venture down to Kentia hall during NAMM and run the
gauntlet of Chinese musical instrument companies and 
folks who make iridium tailpieces and whammy bars will,
I imagine, have seen the Windows machine at the Cycling
'74 booth. A close look would have revealed a running
alpha version of the Max you already know and lurv on
Macintoshes. Yep - we're doing the port even as I 
speak. Max first, then the MSP signal processing 
extensions to follow. If any of you would like, I'll
be happy to forward any specific news about this,
although I'm loathe to do so for the simple reason 
that I hate spam as much as you do.

with regards,
Gregory Taylor
Cycling '74

P.S. Every time I've said anything anywhere, I've gotten
a bunch of email from people about the status of Max
following the demise of Opcode. Our acquisition of the
Opcode portion of Max is "pending," and we expect no
delays save for those introduced by contracts, etc. So
you don't have to worry about what'll happen to Max, I
think - either on your Mac *or* your PC.

knowledge is not enough/science is not enough/love is dreaming/this equation
Gregory Taylor/WORT-FM 89.9/ http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/~gtaylor