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Re: [microsound] oren ambarchi

oren has an array of pedals...which it seems like he takes
sample/sequences/delays etc with using the guitar as an imput...when he is
playing he strummes then crouches spending some time twisting nobs
etc...the connection between input and sound is very far removed at
points...can't tell you more than that...on the recording there are three
layers at any one time....at most...left/right and sometimes another....no
computers etc...EXCEPT on the tracks which have been worked over by matt
thomas...details on the cover...check out the press release on the touch


> but what you've said about his work with pedals -- so is this really all
> live?  or is he multitracking & editing on tape?  what's hard to fathom is
> how he gets so many layers and threads, simultaneously, with varied
> textures/timbres, and moving in different directions at once.  without some
> kind of post-processing, i guess the only way i could see it would be with
> some serious sampling delays...

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