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Re: [microsound] Stylus Midi Controller

it could have been a roland PM5 A... a simple sequencer and tone generator used with a stylus.. about the size of a palm pilot..

noto, olaf and frank (as SIGNAL) use them live at raster performances...

Anyway, the reason im actually mailing is to try and find some
information on a performance tool Robin Rimbaud 'Scanner' was using, It
kind of resembled an oversize palm pilot, and he was triggering samples
using a stylus/pen, and was also modulating various midi controllers
with strokes and stabs of the stylus. It was a very effective tool and
id like to find out more information on it... It was prety dark so im
sorry I cant be more descriptive!

on this week: clicks and cuts (mille plateaux) neina "formed verse" (mille plateaux)

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