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permissile playlist o2 2o 2ooo

greetings all
permissile: tehaudle gdguid toehr gltivc
sunday 02 20th 2000

permissile is broadcasted on CKUW, the University of Winnipeg's campus & community radio
station and through the NCRA's World Service Internet radio. It can be heard locally and via the
Internet every second week from 2-4 am CST on 95.9fm, or 8-10am GMT.
Ckuw stream: http://www.winnipeg.freenet.mb.ca/ckuw/index.html
World Service stream: http://www.ncra.ca/

aretst albm trk laibl

farmers manual   no backup 99   perimeter 87    mego
thomas brinkmann VR concept1 96 5               min_s one
pomassl          verschiedene   compression     inst feur fein motorik
tone rec         coucy-pack     a minit farcstt subrosa
fenno'berg       the magical... horst und sn... mego
ios smolders     music for cd...13-15           staaltape
frank bretschn.. rand           land            mille plateaux
0*               0.00           h               mu
radian           in memoriam    fragment 09     audio devices
akira yamamichi  pulse beats    1               fire-inc
erik m           frame          frame           metamkine
richard chartier post fabrica...lint            microwave
bernhard guenter un peu de ne...untitled III/92 table of elements
bernhard guenter itineraire     1               selektion
kevin drumm      second         cynicism is ... perdition plastics

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