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Re: [microsound] mac fan

At 11:30 AM 3/31/00 +1000, you wrote:
Are there 3rd party computer fans available that aren't so noisy..?

Frequently posted on the Logic list are recommendations for:
but I have not had any experience of my own with this source. I look at my G4 fan as if it were Glenn Gould, adding unrequested mutterings to otherwise quite beautiful sounds.

It does remind me of one of my favourite bits of "microsound", the beginning
of "explorers_we" with the hd recording of the space around the computer:
it's almost an invitation to share / explore the computer's perception.

A bit like the tremolo spring reverb background noise opening of Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock," as if defining silence as the surface on which the later sounds are painted (as the white of paper is the surface for and the silence between the painting of calligraphic characters - to borrow from the liner notes of a recording of Cage and Hosakawa pieces on the Wergo label).

np - Eyeless in Gaza "Song of the Beautiful Wanton"

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