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Re: [microsound] Intellectual Property

working in an IP (intellectual property) rich environment I have come to
understand why a software developer/artist/etc does not want their
"process" exposed...although I am more than willing to share some ideas on
an abstract level I tend to be rather guarded when it comes to the
details...I like knowing the general concept of an artists work and
guessing as to how it was implemented...

For a society and/or culture to grow and progress, we must not cling to and/or protect knowledge of a craft from others, but rather share, teach and communicate with others, thus enabling a network of information, moving toward advancement a culture and/or society's future. There are people all over the world whose musical genius cannot be expressed for so much of an insignificant reason as not knowing how to harness a certain tool properly or improperly.

I strongly believe that an individual's style is developed throughout one's experiences, thought processes, values, and beliefs, not solely on how well (s)he tweaks sound. Hiding discoveries is hiding truth, and therefore ultimately casts a darkness over the next generations of musicians to come--only because we wanted to be properly credited for our ideas.

I am a 19 year old up and coming electronic artist in visual and audio medias, and I find it disturbing that people still pimp knowledge that comes from nature's sentences, information should not only be harnessed by an elite group of the world's population.

I understand an individual having to pay bills versus the advancement of artistic movement but please consider.

open for comments,

Xavier Madrid
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