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modes of presentation

>> A performance should create a deeper environment than a recording.
>> Witnessing a band play together draws you into the music, because you feel
>> part of the process.  If you can't see any of the performers actions,
>> where is the value in getting them to perform in front of you?
> two words: sound system.

i posted back in july about an event at brookln anchorage, where the
performers [vladislav delay + fennesz] were not visible to the audience.
it was still a satisfying experience. it highlighted that a "performance"
doesn't necessarily have to be a "spectacle"....what was important was
the entirety of the event: the qualities of the space, the sound system, the
video projections, the audience...+ the music.

it was not revealed on this night if vladislav delay has hair or he doesn't,
or if he tends to gyrate rhythmically in front of his laptop, or doesn't.
but: how unimportant.

of course we all love spectacle [lookit the elephants! how _do_ they fit so
many clowns in that car?], but there are new modes of presentation evovling,
as technology + fashions change. let's welcome them openly. allow your
preconceptions to dissolve.