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Re: videoglitch 1970

> ....Steina and Woody Vasulka...
> ....the works of this husband and wife team floored me. They were doing
> videos in the 60's and 70's that were totally sound and process driven, and
> they got it right on. Many of these works were made before I was born, too
> weird to discover something like that... the sound is (pardon my use of
> this descriptive word) pre-glitch, a total marriage of image and
> electronics. I'm curious to know if anyone on this list knows (or has been
> influenced by) this body of work?

arnold dreyblatt studied with them in the 70s.

he's not on the list, and i don't know whether his work is micro-sound,
anyways: besides of his musical work, which i like a lot, he is also doing
amzing installations.
some info at:

- dieter