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RE: [microsound] Los Angeles area independent record shop recommendations?

Boy, are you wrong.

I used to be the buyer for new music at Aron's, and I'm very sure the
experimental section is still up to snuff.  Contact the current buyer,
Gregor, at Aron's at (323) 469-4700 and tell him Rudy sent you.


Rudy Carrera
Masked Superstar

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Subject: [microsound] Los Angeles area independent record shop

I'm going out to LA and San Diego for a couple of days.  I haven't spent
time there in a while so I've lost track of where the good record stores
are.  I know about Sunset Tower, Rhino, Aaron's, etc. But I don't think any
of them will carry very much of the kind of music discussed on this list.
Any recommendations for a good independent record shop, especially for small
label imports?  You can e-mail me directly if you like.



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