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Re: [microsound] Re: [313] pole show in d?

At 01:47 AM 10/21/00 +0200, Øivind Idsø wrote:
> np - Radiohead "Kid A"
yes, yes, yes...love, love, love this CD. When hearing Idioteque...I bet Aphex
wishes he´d had access to Thom Yorke´s voice for some of his own material when
he heard that one.
What´s your conclusion?

Brilliant! For a stadium band (a workmate pointed out a pair of tickets to the sole US show getting $5100 on Ebay - before the end of bidding!) to go from the already strange "OK Computer" to the even less approachable weirdness of "Kid A" and then manage to make the album work as music and as commercial product is a rather astonishing trick. Only now, on perhaps my fifth or sixth listen, is the addictive catchiness of the songs emerging from the fascinating wall of sound. So I suppose it is worth wading through thousands of leather trousers and flashpots in order to find one set of rockstars actually challenging their audience with interesting music and getting away with it. This one is joining Emak Bakia, Hood, Tram, and Piano Magic in my favorite pop music of this year - so far.

np - same

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