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divergent/emergent on MP3.com


Please let me STEAL your time with the following CRASS 
self-propotional ADVERTISEMENT! (now we all know where
we're coming from, don't we?)

After lots of work and delay, the most recent Later Days 
pseudo-album "divergent/emergent" is now available at 
my MP3.com website:  


In addition to this being an album for sale, many of the
compositions on this album and on this site are available
for free download.

"divergent/emergent" features works even more minimal,
abstract, and all-out experimental than my previous efforts.
Techniques and compositional strategies include:  alien
blenders, evolved sibling sonic sequences (sound textures 
not composed, but entirely evolved), glitch, and audio 
cellular automata.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!

-Wayne Jackson (aka "Later Days")

the latest:  divergent/emergent (MP3.com), Out of the Garden (MP3.com), 
Fornica (MP3.com), Cambrian Dialogs (Back Porch Productions), WSH2000
still cookin':  invalidObjects - do (Fällt), The Paradise Beast