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RE: ~ Raising

RE;  raising CONSCIOUSNESS newsletter tm
Due to an (actual) crash & BURN we lost about 4/5 ths of
our subscribers list. Luckily 250 survived due to storage
on a secure web space. We feel both saddened and stoopid as
s**t for our erroneous actions - hoping folks will bear
with us. We have posted  new reviews at the URL below; our
last until January's "Best-of-the-Year", which is shaping
up nicely. We wish the piece to be as all encompassing as
possible. This past week has seen a steady influx of some
of the year's finest recordings (including the new Delay,
Ikeda, Fluxion, Benge, Muslimgauze, Fax artists and
compilations from Raster-Noton, souRce, Quatermass and City
Centre) coming from Playing by Ear and Dutch-East India
Trading, many which will find their way into the 'Best-of
The newsletter may be found at;
with reviews of;
Anonymous 4 ~ "1,000 - A Mass for the End of Time" 
Brainticket; "Alchemic Universe" 
BSI Compilation Volume 1; "Docking Sequence" 
M. Griffin / D. Fulton; "The Most Distant Point Known" 
Fibla; "Landscapes" 
Pete Namlook & Walfem Spyra; "Virtual Vices II" 
O.H. Krill: "The Krill Papers" 
Byron Metcalf; "Helpers, Guides & Allies..." 
See you next year ~
Team RagConDesk


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