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Re: [microsound] el natural

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000 10:37:29 +1300 "Greg" <gregg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I think lifestyle is the key-word here... yr'know Christian Fennesz 
> sitting
> in his garden solarium, sipping Long Island Iced Tea, looking dapper 
> in
> Armani shades and silk shirt while dozens of buxom Austrian babes 
> play beach
> volleyball poolside while he nonchalantly records their giggling 
> horseplay
> and runs it through his MAX Hottie-a-warp filter, at the same time 
> on
> cellphone to stockbroker anxiously buying shares in Mego-Corp in 
> some kind
> of dodgy insider-trade deal...
> yr'know... endless summer.
Ha! Speaking of Fennesz, I recently bought Music For An Isolation Tank.
It's an interesting release. He suggests listening to it with ear plugs,
probably because that's what one wears in an isolation tank, when one is
floating in the heavily salted, body temperature water. The tank this
music was made for, has two sets of speakers, above and below the water.
The music is/was computer manipulated bodily function sounds of each of
the participants involved in the project. I've personally used an
isolation tank and it was a very nice experience, except for the
occasional dripping condensation from the top of the chamber to my
face.... an hour went by surprisingly fast. Ear plugs or not, it's a good

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