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LINE is proud to present "2 | 1" by UK sound/visual artists, immedia. 
a collection of material from two very limited edition CDRs in audio 
and virtual recordings of imagined spaces. the sound of immedia's 
work implies silence/microcosms and the underlying resonance of 
spaces and is intended for quiet amplification or headphone listening.

in audio:
sound works that exploit the limitations of basic digital equipment, 
utilising a combination of malfunction, error and accidents to 
produce new data. in audio is a constantly evolving project. these 
pieces are not intended as a final product but as a  documentation of 
works that are inherently in progress. these works
are also open to reinterpretation and continuation by other artists.

virtual recordings of imagined spaces:
the invisible presence of imagined spaces: domestic and industrial, 
public and private. the looped recordings and the listening 
environment merge to create a new sonic space.

  immedia are vicky paniale and darren reynolds, a duo from london, 
UK. paniale studied fine
  art at central saint martins college of art, creating immersive 
light and sound environments.
  reynolds studied graphic design, creating a number of art books and 
magazines, and now works primarily as a sound artist.

  as immedia they have participated in a number of group events and 
independent shows, exploring the subtle and fragile nature of sound. 
they currently organise the quarterly extrasensory sound art event at 
the 291 gallery in london, UK.

coming in early 2001 on LINE:

miki yui   TBA  (line_003)
bernhard gunter "monochrome white" (line_004)
"between two points" various artists (12k1012/line_005) double cd


r   i   c   h   a   r   d   c   h   a   r   t   i   e   r
soundwork  .  visualwork   .   designwork   .


series [LINE, usa] CD, sept 2000 http://www.12k.com/line
"sent" on VARIIOUS comp [intransitive, usa] 2CD, sept 2000

typeof [fallt, ireland] 3" CD, dec 2000 
"herein, then" on .00. comp [fylkingen records, sweden] CD, dec 2000
"untitled60sec" on Computer Music Journal comp (CMJ) CD, dec 2000
"Layeral Intersect #2: imperception"  [deadtech/anechoic, usa]  3" 
CD, winter 2001
TBA [trente oiseaux, germany] CD, spring 2000

EXHIBIT. selected "series00" paintings, Decatur Blue Artspace, 
Washington, DC - 12/15/00-01/15/01
LIVE. Mexico City, Mexico - winter 00