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Anechoic new release : Kim Cascone / Keith Rowe - With Hidden Noise

Rioux's Records in association with Anechoic records would like to 
announce the new release on Kim Cascone's "anechoic" label:  

CASCONE, KIM / ROWE, KEITH - With Hidden Noise CD 
    (anechoic) U.S. $10.00
1988/London: Keith Rowe and Kim Cascone go into a studio to record new 
material for his label Silent Records. The multi-track master tapes have been 
sitting in a tape closet for the past 12 years waiting for the right moment 
to mix them. Unfortunately, due to the master tapes being recorded on an 
outdated tape format, that moment has yet to happen.

Summer 2000/Hamburg, Germany: Cascone has been performing his new work 
'Residualism' at festivals and venues in Europe this past June. While in 
Hamburg he and Keith Rowe performed together at the art-house movie theater: 
B-Movie. The concert was recorded digitally and the tapes were brought back 
to San Francisco.

Fall 2000/San Francisco. Cascone strips away all the linear time information 
on a 20 minute segment of Keith Rowe's solo performance at the B-Movie and 
processes it with the Max/MSP patch he developed for 'Residualism.' The 
result is a warm, chaotic fog of processed guitar work punctuated with 
ornamental glints of digital transformations. 
'With Hidden Noise' is a homage to AMMís 'Live at the Crypt' and 'It had been 
an ordinary enough day in Pueblo, Colorado' releases. The title is also a nod 
to Marcel Duchamp's sculpture of the same name that consists of a ball of 
twine wedged between two plates or steel that contains an unknown object that 
makes noise when the sculpture is shaken.

track listing:
Track 1 - "With Hidden Noise" [a002]


Also available :

CASCONE, KIM - Parasites CD (Anechoic) U.S. $10.00


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