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Re: [microsound] Dream

> the fact that madonna can be hailed and praised by people on this list
> (accordingly melomaniacs for the most) is probably the most significant clue
> about the unlimited powers of mass media- what is left to say when the image
> of the queen of cynical music is reworked in such a way that she can even
> blur the lucidity of the so-called avant-garde? it makes me sad. Anyway...
> O.

please olivier do not call me avant garde or any restrictive label like that.
I'm happy to listen to other musics than the ones I'm issuing on my labels and
my enjoying Madonna dates back from the ealy 80s... Actually I haven't paid
much attention to her since "into the groove" because I liked less what
followed... She surely has been very good at manipulating medias and driving
her carreer. Good for her.

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