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Re: [microsound] Mac donna lds

Sorry not into Mac donna ...not pop music for me , I needed lyrics when i
was young and couldnt express my feelings, now i have instrumental
experimental music to do that!

ross healy ( CRAY)


 "comment" MP3/3"CD (fällt/ireland) (nov2000)

"communications error" (vibragun records/sydney) (dec200)

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> screw being "avant-garde" about it - even on a musical level... sorry
> Chris... "Music" is just lame. She's really falling behind here, Britney
> Spears and even ms. Aguliera have released consistantly better records
> Madonna over the past few years. I do salute Madonna for her utmost will
> survive though, she is a genius in exploiting the media (esp. this wedding
> thing over the last few days)
> oh and hey, i just got the new PJ Harvey record "stories from the city,
> stories from the sea"... fantastic! she's still rocking hard... nice duet
> with the bloke from radiohead on it too.
> love and food and holidays!
>  greg.
> aut{audio.image.script}
> http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/~destruct/aut
> now:  My Things (www.tiln.org)
> > the fact that madonna can be hailed and praised by people on this list
> > (accordingly melomaniacs for the most) is probably the most significant
> clue
> > about the unlimited powers of mass media- what is left to say when the
> image
> > of the queen of cynical music is reworked in such a way that she can
> > blur the lucidity of the so-called avant-garde? it makes me sad.
> > O.
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