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david kristian

hi everyone,

i was sent this by the mailing list of david kristian.
i thought it might interest some of you out there

normand touloumonde

____________________________________________________________________ New Release, hidden files and a contest...

The trio of David Kristian, Sam Shalabi, and Alexandre St-Onge will be
performing this Saturday, (May 5th, 2001) in Montreal at the Casa Del
Popolo. The event is intended as a record launch for their new eponymous
release.  More info: http://www.alien8recordings.com

As we mentioned in the last update, David will be using a different settup
for this show, adding "circuit bent" sound devices to modular and digital

More info on circuit bending:


More fun stuff:

A live Real Audio concert recorded last fall at the Montreal Cabaret Music
Hall, and an Mp3 of Kristian, Shalabi St-Onge's "Radiatorheart". More info:

New gear...  Yes, on the new gear page... And somewhere else on the site is
a tribute to archaic arcade madness, celebrating David's fascination with
vintage gaming.

and now...

We have decided to keep our stash of David Kristian's ultra-rare Clubfoot
E.P., but all is not lost, as David himself has come up with a cunning
plan...  One copy of the landmark white label release from the now defunct
Discreet/Indiscreet will be made available to the first person who can
answer the following question:

-Where did the "Mermaid Kids" chant sample come from?

send you answer to:


The winner will be notified via e-mail.



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