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libythth + no type on hold + clonk/toronto

can't help being thrilled with the libythth CD _dissolve a diamond_ on
phthalo.  really one of the rare albums coming so close to
phthalocyanine's type of all-overness & rhythmic madness.  the album
borrows ideas from speed metal & contemporary classical, but the bulk of
it is a complete riot, frantic, never absent.  the production is great &
the music is happily all over the place.  i'll try to say more later... 
but so far i'm delighted!

& in case some of you were wondering, no type is currently down because
our server has been "defaced" by chinese hackers retaliating against
their US counterparts.  supposedly certain (clueless) US hackers have
attacked chinese servers during the spy plane controversy a few weeks
back, & certain (almost equally clueless) chinese hackers have
retaliated by hacking just as many US sites.  anyway, the site should be
back up this weekend.  we'll keep you all informed.  :)

....but the no type show in toronto is still taking place!  it's tomorrow
(friday) & features tomas jirku (force inc/alien8), morceaux_de_machines
(featuring listmember a_dontigny), naw (neil weirnik, also on this list)
& (as a last minute change) philémon.  i will also be spinning records
for your enjoyment.  wooo!!!  go to
<http://www.techno.ca/clonk/events.html> for more info.

~ david