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Re: Pre-Trans oo3.5 chicago?

> Hello Microsounders:
> I'm curious about these "pre-festival" events that Fests like Transmissions
> and Mutek hold... I sort of wonder why the 'pre' events are not just held
> off and programmed into the 'actual' fest... I assume it may create some
> extra local media attention, but as an outsider intending on going to the
> big event, I always sort of feel like I'm missing out on something. And I
> wonder if the artists invited to perform at a "pre" gig feel like they are
> being left out of access to the "main event" as well?
> Just curous...

some quick thoughts from chicago::

I certainly hope that none of the artists involved
in the pre-series feel 'relegated' to those events.  
the decision to even incorporate a pre-series
hinged on a number of things:

-it allows us to involve more (and 
with perhaps a broader scope) artists than we 
could feature solely at the festival.

- it helps to sustain support throughout over
the intervening months, and also brings more
disparate individuals together more regularly, 
i.e., tends to help a cultivate a stronger 
community between those involved -

and well, not to sound untoward, but
the 'actual' fest involves quite a substantial
amount of programming, as it is comprised
of performances by over 20 artists. it's 
my feeling that, regardless of their 
affinities, obsessions and energy levels, 
most people end up being a bit saturated 
at the end of the festival, even as it is...

just a bit of the transmissions perspective,


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