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re: [microsound] earphone microphones

--- stephan mathieu <sssst@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > A couple of months ago someone sent a link for a
> set of stereo mics which
> > you wear in your ears like earphones. (to give an
> accurate 'human' stereo
> > response).
> > Did anybody bookmark this? Id really like to buy a
> set.
> hello steven
> try -> http://www.soundman.de
>  - stephan
the cheapest one is $220, which I find pretty
expensive, a friend of mine I now lost contact with
purchased a similar set of mic's for much less, but
maybe the quality's poor. I would also be interested
if anyone ever tried the mic's you screw onto your
skull and uses the cranium as a mic... I know that
this type of mic's was popular in sweden during the
90's, especially for bootlegging live-concerts.



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