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Lotza Mini-Reviews!

Music I highly recommend that's been rocking my world or swooning my dreams
in the last month or so:

Andrew Deutsch: Kinder Klang
        "          : Loops Over Land
        "          : Garden Music (some of this Oval used as source material
for Ovalprocess)
        "          : Organic Fields  *all three of these lean towards
amazing "lo-fi" electrorganic/layered ambient 	soundworlds in a style quite
his own. handcrafted beautiful collage packaging as well.*
Tetsu Inoue: Object & Organic Code *using both source material from Deutsch
(above) and his own, he heavily 	processes it- similar to the stuff on
Tzadik but perhaps more organic*
Upper Rooms: Video Bambino *playful quirky electronica, a couple tracks with
teasingish vocals*
Alog: Red Shift Swing *had this a long time, and it still blows me away*
Lilienthal: Castor & Pollux *same goes for this one...*
Gramm: Personal_Rock *and again, same goes...*
Slicker: Remixes *great idm, fucking great cover art*
Carl Stone: Kamiya Bar *cut and paste/processed field recordings from Japan-
crazy very interesting stuff*
John Oswald: Greyfolded 2CD *reprocessing/layering of (of all things)
Greatfull Dead concerts, into two CD long 	instrumental soundfield deep
excursions. brilliant. (look out- theres a mere 1cd version floating around
Climax Golden Twins: Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds *another
amazing release, all over the map, from 	field recordings, to old vitirolla
recordings, to brief outrock excursions/samples, to who knows what else*
John Wall: Constructions I - IV *while i found his release Fractuur
unnecesarily dense, dark and ultimately confining,  	this release adds much
more space to breath and appreciate his consumate sampling skills. I hear
his latest 	very short release Constructions V-VII is even more
spacious/sparse/subtle. Must find...*
Pimmon: Orquesta Del Arrurruz *a beautiful orchestra of errors :)*
Toshimaru Nakamura/Sachiko M: do *perhaps my favorite of my new ones right
now. i thought Nakamura's "No-input 	Mixing Board 1" release sounded rather
new agey (anyone care to share whether #2 sounds any different?), 	but
paired with the evidently amazing "Miss M", and this is mind blowing. (I
really must seek her solo stuff 	out...) Layered beating sine drones subtly
processed with textures/lo-fi glitch.
	Truly A Transformational Listening Experience."
Tone Rec: Simply put, every single release they have ever put out just plain
Bombs! (and i mean that in a good 	way!)  Its a shame their side project Dat
Politics sounds comparitively disposable...
Atom TM (Atom Heart) feat. Tea Time: XXX *AMAZING programming on this! Atom
Heart is plainly the king of 	electronica, for the simple fact that he can
excell in any chosen genre/style/direction he were to pick. For 	this
release he just happens to parody hip hop and porn while making an
INCREDIBLE piece of music. (Be sure 	to remove the disc holder tray for a
surprise! ;)*
Lassigue Bendthaus (Atom Heart): Pop Artificial *incredible
covers/transformations of pop hits by David Bowie, 	Rolling Stones, James
Brown, many many others. This is the perfect album to play to a newbie of
electronica, 	for instant "assimilation" (right, Jon? ;)*
Alec Empire: Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes *still one of the most unique and
darkly melancholic ambient electronic 	albums in my collection*
Benge: Silicon Valleys *im a big fan of all of his solo stuff, but this
release smartly incorporates old school Casio 	preset rhythms and melodies
to head nodding quirkily groovy effect*
Silver Minutes: You Will Meet Me There At Silver Minutes *on the japanese
label 360 Records, an "out jazz division 	of Shi-ra-nui". Both of these
labels Im completely new to. This release sounds much more electronic than
jazz, incorporating lofi processing and field recordings. A very subtle soft
and deeply beautiful release*
The Loop Orchestra: The Analog Years
           "              : Suspense *both of these are collections of their
long transforming analog tape loop 	soundscapes.  It seems to me this
technique is focused on in the Australian electronic music scene more so
than any where else in the world (obvious example- the unconquerable Severed
Heads :)
Jonathan Coleclough: Period *deep processed drones using piano as source
Max Ernst: /2, /3, /4, & /5 (his collab with Vladislav Delay) in the "Max
Ernst & / " series of 12"'s.  Are all of this 	series as good as these?
Deep groovy abstract. What more can one ask ;)*
Discom: Smuglo *fields of glitch-ish beats. yes, fields of beats.*
Alio Die: Leaves Net
    "     : Incantemento *both excellent deep organic ambience of the
highest caliber*
THU20: Derde Schijf *ambient industrial?/ambient noise?*
John Duncan & Giuliana Stefani: Palace Of Mind *using "data files,
shortwave, and voice*, they create subtle to not 	so subtle ebbing and
waning noise drones and textures. beautiful gatefold photograph!*
Vitriol: Randone'e 0.06 *I think ive listened to this like 6 times now.
While its playing i think to myself "Wow! I really 	like this". And then by
the time the cd finishes, its impression on me has somehow vanished
completely, 	making me put it right back on my "to listen" stack again! :)
Best I can say, subtle electronic ambience?*
Marcus Schmickler: Sator Rotas *subtle transforming electronic ambient (for
lack of a better word) unique 	soundscapes. fantastic cover art!*
Phonophani: Genetic Engineering *deep-ish organic electronica. very nice.
whats their first album like?*
Andreas Tilliander: Ljud *combining glitch, dub, and minimal house to great
Mikael Stravostrand: Reduce *same description, but less abstract/more
Frank Bretschneider: CURVE *somewhere between Tilliander and Stravostrand?*
Sutekh: Periods.Make.Sense. *boy how to describe this one?! minimal house,
field recordings, tinges of glitch, deep 	base, and the kitchen sink :) *
R. Sundin: Lorez Plaza/Limp 2CD *so far ive only listened to the first 30
seconds of disc one, but i know im going to 	love it. lo-fi glitch, but
(yes) uniquely so...*

GASP!  ok my fingers hurt :)


Thad Biggerstaff

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I pay myself a visit and find me again in all the
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