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Re: [microsound] earphone mics again

Many thanks for your suggestions.

In studio I use a Rode NT3 which I think is really a good microphone I
connect it through my Behringer mx 2004 to an RME 9636 Hammerfall lite via
an A/D converter.

So I need the stereo mic only for field recordings connecting it to my old
Aiwa HD-S1 portable Dat recorder.


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on 25-05-2001 17:19, Christopher Sorg at csorg@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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>> Subject: Re: [microsound] earphone mics again
>> Hi, can you plese tell me where I can find the The DAT-heads
>> microphone FAQ
>> ?
> It's really been duplicated everywhere.  I'm not sure where the official FAQ
> is, but you can search on Google (www.google.com) for "dat-heads mic faq"
> and I'm sure it'll pop up.  Try here as well:
> http://www.radiocollege.org/rc/tt4.html
> http://www.minidisc.org/dat-heads-faq.html
>> And, for recording specific sources do you think that the Sony ECM series
>> electret microphones (in particular Sony ecm-ms 907) are ok ?
> I'm not an expert, really.  The DAT-Heads are.  Even so, they recommend
> trying things out, recording with different mics and seeing what *you* like.
> But they give you a good start.  Personally, for in-studio I use the
> standard SM-57/58s and I'm trying out the Panasonics for field recording.
> I've heard the quality of the sound from the headset mics at
> SoundProfessionals, so I can vouch for their quality.  Good quality with a
> minidisc recorder, no doubt.  That is at:
> http://www.soundprofessionals.com/moreinfopages/binaural/sphmc1.html
> Hope I helped.
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