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Re: [microsound] Discom?

--- UNDERTONE /NICO <undertone436@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> abstract pop, cracked harmonies, random degenerating
> process

Two days ago, Discom performed at a Montreal Silophone
event at the Societe des Arts Technologiques (SAT). It was
a very ordinary crescendo of samples. The intense
reverberation (up to 20 sec) of the Silophone instrument
(radio/telephone/internet connected grain silos) blurred
and smeared their efforts. The show also featured Tom Walsh
(trombone), using the Silo texture with tact and retenue in
a short improvisation, and Jaap Blonk (voice, effects),
with his abstract mouth-sounds dancing around us like sonic
elves. I was personnaly not impressed at all by Discom
performance (no complexity, no texture, no momentum) but,
then again, a small crowd was standing just behind them as
they played, leaning foward, beer in hand, SEEING instead
of LISTENING. Could that have affected their performance?
Could anyone provide a different point of view on their
music (mine being based only on that particular

~ a dontigny

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