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Re: [microsound] OT: sound design resources

t wrote:

> i don`t really find this ot, for people who are creative with sound
> this is existential in many ways. so i am grateful for this threat! i
> had been searching for things like this for some time now - but did
> not wade through all those sudio-advertisment etc. that came back as
> result. the pages i saw were not of use.
> i will also have a very interested look at the recommendations!
> and if anybody knows of pages useful for radio sound design ... ;-)))
> *grin*

Well it's not radio, but it's a gaming sounds info site:


If you ask on the CAS web-board at


They can often point you in the right direction. (even radio)
I just noticed there is a "Sound design books and resources"
thread going there.

Again does anyone have any specific questions re: Sound Design?

like "How do you approach creating a ambience with a lot of tension
and yet a open air feel to it?"  or "How can I get my sounds to be

There are many approaches to Sound Design and there are some talented
folks on this list that can offer their input on how they would approach

something.  So ask away.

Kerry Uchida

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