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Re: [microsound] MAX/MSP

> >I've recently become interested in MAX/MSP for MAC. So far I've only used
> >few apps created by others. I am interested in finding more standalone
> >and I would like to eventually learn to make my own. Any advice,
> >links, etc. appreciated.
> You'd be better off buying CodeWarrior...

I got flamed by Ben Neville (employee of C74) for suggesting such a thing on
a different list, after he touted MAX/MSP as the ONLY environment for
'creating your own plugins'.  My hypothesis is that C74 is looking to lock
people into a programming environment that is every bit as flexible as the
programming environment C74's programming environment was programmed in.
Kind of like a cultural toll-gate.  If you want to use C74's hyped
environment, you pay C74.  If you want to use generic C++ libraries to do
the same thing, go ahead, but you wont be buying into the particular
programming lifestyle C74 is pushing.

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