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Fallt > Fodder > Camp

Camp | It¹s the same thing over and over! / Why don¹t you try some vocal

Fallt are pleased to announce the third release on their 'DIY Digital Audio'
sub-label Fodder. Featuring the work of NoType label-owner David
Turgeon (aka Camp), F.0020.0003 is a double B-Side comprising two tracks of
what might best be described as post/anti-click-house.

Using fragments from a variety of Force Inc., Mille Plateaux and Ritornell
CDs, Camp create a work that retains the ghost of the Force Inc. Axis whilst
carving out a niche entirely of its own. As the following excerpt from the
sleeve notes suggest, the resulting compositions are no mere plagiarism; in
essence distillations, the results are compelling: original copies.


The act of removal plays a part in the process that made these pieces
happen, though that doesn¹t make them minimalistic in the usual sense.
Metaphorically, I prefer to think of compressed files - .jpgs or .mp3s for
example - which, past a certain optimal compression point, contain only the
information which the compression algorithm finds crucial to the
understanding of the data.

With this limited data in hand, the decompression algorithm must go through
a crude 'guessing' process to recover what it thinks the original file must
have been. In this way, these two pieces are like a Force Inc. fantasy; a
music that could conceivably have appeared on the label but never did.


The visuals to accompany this release were generated by opening a browser to
http://www.force-inc.com and setting a quickDraw Routine to generate random
bitmaps based on the screen resource. The raw materials generated were
subsequently edited to create the final artwork.

To download .mp3s and PDFs, check out: