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Re: [microsound] f100 at Platinum Oasis, Hollywood

> ...so I stopped by this 'performance extravaganza' Saturday night, the only
> music I encountered during the two hours I was there was a rendition of
> 'Kansas City here I come' sung a capella by four young (and attractive)
> women clad only in body paint and thigh hi boots... immediately after
> performing the song they constructed a 'wall of vagina' by laying down one
> on top of the other spread eagle toward the audience. Not exactly a
> microsound event, but amusing... sort of like a demented Jr. High Halloween
> carnival.
> Akira Rabelais

I'd like to apologize to Akira and anyone else who came to the Platinum
Oasis show on Saturday expecting to hear f100 - by the time we got on stage
the cops were trying to shut the event down - not surprising given what it
had degenerated into, so we didn't get to play.

We're recording the set from that night right now, and as a small
compensation, if you want to reply off list, I'd be more than happy to send
you a copy. It's turning out really spiffy.


p.s.  the wall of vagina was The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black aka the
greatest glam-gore band in the world...