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purchasing software from Japan


I'm looking to purchase a software title that is currently only
available in Japan right now (visual software called Motion Dive 3).

Does anyone have any resources, sites, contacts etc (in english)...
of places that I can purchase software from Japan and
have it shipped overseas.


Kerry Uchida

Although Mr. Spielberg was reluctant to assess the impact that his
generation of filmmakers has had, he has very definite ideas of where
movies have come since the 70's ? and what have been the most important
technical and creative innovations that have changed them.

"To me, it's sound," Mr. Spielberg said. "To me, the biggest
breakthrough in the last 50 years, certainly since Cinerama in the 50's,
is the sound. When I think of the sonic experience of the first time I
heard Dolby stereo demonstrated at the American Film Institute years and
years ago, it was then that I realized that we are making sound
We could do a lot with sound, we could even tell a story with sound. And
when we brought the best of sound together with the best of visuals in
the 80's and 90's, you were able to show audiences so much more of the
movie than they otherwise would have experienced."

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