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The world's birds are singing along with ringing cellular phones, says CNET's
Ben Charney.

The simple, repetitive tones are a natural for mimic birds to reproduce, 
Charney reported last month.  Starlings in Copenhagen are said to favor the
Nokia ring.  Now, an AP report suggests Australian birds are getting into the
cell phone act, too -- although no favored brand is reported.

"Ornithologists expect birds in other cities where cell phone penetration is 
high to begin adding ring tones to their tunes," says Charney, and the 
phenomenon could make for some interesting situations.  A bird singing the 
Nokia tune on a crowded city block "could bring a place like San Francisco to a 
standstill" as everyone reaches for his or her phone, a British ornithologist 
tells Charney.  Phone manufacturers may soon turn the tables on the clever 
birds, however: they plan to offer birdcalls as ring tones.  

Did a white-breasted wood wren inspire Beethoven's Fifth Symphony?  This 
Science News Online article is a Spike Report favorite.

What's behind the Central Park Birdsong Mystery?  


AP report:

Science News Online article:

Central Park Birdsong Mystery:


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