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Re: [microsound] Anti-piracy CD system raises distortion fear

This System is gonna flop /fail big time, one can still get what is on the cd, and 
some interpolating algorithm :)
Those guys don`t think! One can still read the data. (even with all crap, and use that
for filtering algorithm emulation of CD-player anti stuff) 
Those guys build/develop (USB) dongles ? :)
You can still take the CD and record the audio input with a pro card. (hahahahaha)
this loss will also be not audible/neglectable (if one uses digital CD out, what then?!).

31.07.01 08:27:46, pH_______ <disck@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Ross asked that I pass this on to the list as he can't post from work:
>Hi all this is from todays ZDNET news about copy protection
>"In the Macrovision test, copy-protected CDs were released without notice to
>consumers to ensure unbiased feedback, according to the company.
>which uses technology from Israel-based TTR Technologies, aims to introduce
>audible pops and buzzes into digital copies of CD tracks, without altering
>audio quality of the CD itself.  "
>Well this is great maybe the general public will buy more experimental/
>electronic artists music now...he he
>Or we are all out of a job.!
>ross Cray
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