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Dear microsound list members; In an effort to add substance to my remarks
about 'narrative', compositional methods and so forth; I have uploaded
selections from my latest'album' to the microsound server.

  I  included jpeg images of the cover design ( going for a sort of
pseudo-literary look) that should compliment almost any decor should any of
you print them out for an mp3 CD.

  Roughly half of the selections are on the server now, I will probably
upload the rest tomorrow.There is a video that belongs with the set, however
I don't know how well you can stream from the hotline server. I might
include a much shorter'test video'. That way (hopefully) some of you can
give me feedback as to whether or not it works with all platforms.
  Criticize me harshly if you must, but please don't complain that I never
fed you anything. .

                            Bill Jarboe

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