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kyma road show.

as some of you have asked questions about the kyma, below is some 
info on a demo tour.

Hit the road
Kyma developers will be on the road in late November and early 
December to give Kyma demonstrations and to unveil several new 
developments!  The presentations are free, but seating is limited, 
so please call 1-800-972-1749 today and ask Jean Lewis for a 
reservation (plus all the details on time, location, and 
directions). We look forward to seeing you in one of the following 

Mon     11/26   St. Louis MO   
Tue     11/27   Nashville TN   
Wed     11/28   Atlanta GA
Thurs   11/29   Raleigh NC     
Fri     11/30   Washington DC  
Sat     12/01   New York City  
Mon     12/03   Pittsburgh PA  
Tue     12/04   Cleveland OH   
Wed     12/05   Detroit MI     
Thurs   12/06   Chicago IL

[Editors note: Please feel free to copy the above info to any
individuals, lists or newsgroups for whom it might be of interest.
Thanks!  More details at:

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