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anyone in Boston MA (usa) on SAT

SAT   22.DEC   8PM  $8

the undr quartet
| james coleman, theremin
| greg kelley, trumpet
| vic rawlings, amplified cello, electronics
| liz tonne, voice


howard stelzer, solo tapes, electronics

7:30 doors/8pm start, admission: $8

@ the lindsay chapel at 
the first church of cambridge, congregational
11 garden st. (next to the sheraton commander hotel,
across from the cambridge common in harvard sq.)


_the undr quartet_

The undr quartet was formed in 1997 with the aim of
exploring the quieter side of improvised music. Their
performances are marked by a strong sense of intimacy
and a deep sensitivity to the performance space.
Members of the group have performed throughout the
United States, Europe, Japan and Australia and
recorded for numerous labels including Emanem (UK),
Selektion (Germany), Leo (UK), and local labels
Sublingual, Intransitive, Twisted Village, Sedimental,
and RRRecords. 


_Howard Stelzer_

Howard Stelzer is an integral part of Boston's 
burgeoning electro-acoustic free-improvised music
community. He performs using a series of standard 
cassette decks and tapes, manipulating the motors and
gears manually to create percussive organic textures.
Stelzer has performed and/or recorded with Kevin
Drumm, Le Quan Ninh, nmperign, Roel Meelkop, Jos
Smolders, Frans De Waard(Kapotte Muziek), Big City
Orchestra, Ron Lessard (Due Process/RRRecords)and
several others. In addition to performing, Howard
Stelzer operates the Intransitive Recordings label. He
has published CDs by an array of international artists
such as Roel Meelkop, Brume, Richard Chartier, Lionel
Marchetti and nmperign, as well as several others.