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RE: [microsound] oval armani

	i dreamt this afternoon, while sequestered in my cubicle, that i was
stuffing a long trombone like structure down the throat of an historical
> modulation, who bore an uncanny resemblance to John Cage... feeling quite
> cagey, I elongated the trombone, and bore down on this wasabi tongued
> wannabe Wabi Sabi, intent on unravelling my umbrella on his operating
> table...
after inscribing my bone fragment and tossing some glossy-la-la on his
formins of silence... cha-Ching! all over his Endo- monacle... he turned and
said breathlessly... "click- sputter... bzzzzt... mmmmm" as my brick-o-like
conduit aimlessly wandered to Ernest, rubbing his wood exquisitely on the
sewing machine...

digital shame on him, and the virgin he married.

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> Cagean Chance! HA..
> that little monk..
> Cage: Cage was very interested in Eastern thought. Read Taoism as in
> Tao-te-ching , as in I-Ching, a divinatory game/practice involving random
> symbol series which itself came from earlier divinatory practices
> involving
> the tossing of sacred inscribed bone fragments, some of which are the
> earliest known forms of the written word. (also see rune tossing, entrail
> tossing, tarot, glossolalia, etc etc etc..)  also see Chuang Tzu's text
> "Aimless Wandering".
> Cage: See Wabi-Sabi http://www.stonebridge.com/wabisabi.html
> Cage : flip back to Ernst doing paper rubbings of wood grain to reveal
> random or found anthropomorphisms.
> ie Exquisite Corpse..
> What is "The Chance meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine on an
> operating table.."
> How many times do we have to discover the universe is peeking in at us
> thru
> the window-monacle..
> The name of the DADA movement was a "chance operation" created by opening
> a
> dictionary at random and pointing at a random word.
> read surrealism's use of automatism ----> flash forward: Beat generation
> spontaneity..---follow along to improvisational jazz movement: see derek
> bailey.
> the dialectic process of self/other is illustrated through a historical
> modulation encompassing all the arts and their varied mediums..
> the whole notion of any "generative forms" is highly suspect.. Mozart did
> not arise "Sui Generis" and yet the overlapping "fields of intensities" at
> play through his being give rise to all kinds of anthropocentric notions
> of
> "genius"  see endosymbiotic evolution---> well, you'll need a microscope..
> what combination of conduit, bricolage of conduits, historical or material
> are we really talking about.. do we play the instrument, or does the
> instrument play us, are we speaking, or is language speaking through us..
> folks, welcome to post-structuralism..or digital shamanism, is it a sham
> or
> is it the virgin mary appearing on your tortilla..
> particle in the infoverse
> >
> >       Lately I have been rereading Cage to understand any possible
> > relationship between chance and the glitch. So far I am able to conclude
> > that Cage valued chance as a strategy of disinterestedness and that this
> > bears little resemblance to the glitch in its most current incarnation.
> > For sounds to be themselves they can't be right or wrong; glitches are
> > intentionally wrong.
> >
> >       When glitches are captured as a sample or treated as a sound
> source
> > rather than a systemic condition they are not related to chance at all.
> > Glitches that are the result of a system (such as a MAX patch or a
> > faulty piece of hardware) are closer to Cagean chance in that they are
> > naturalized by their inevitability. In other words they are not judged.
> >
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