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Re: [microsound] oval armani

white noise is not random.

white noise is equal power per hertz over a specified frequency band.

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> on 29/12/01 7:38 AM, Kenric McDowell at kenricm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >> I'm often wondering about the 'random-number' feature in
> >> applications: how does one program _randomness? Is there
> >> really such a thing?
> > This question helped me negotiate chance. I found that random number
> > generators are not truly random and that there are ways of sampling
> > system noise that are supposed to generate true randomness. In the
> > process I realized that this type of chance is really probability and to
> > truly embrace chance the art making process must be opened up to the
> > randomness of life.
> Most random number generators will produce the same sequence if given the
> same *seed* (?). I hear this as an argument that they are hence not
> "random". Wouldn't this imply that an audio sample of white noise is no
> longer white noise as it can be played back twice.
> luke
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