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realtime video/sound interaction

hey list,
Does anyone know if there is a similar amount of filter 
effects in MAX as there is in say, protools or logic audio?

my speciality is video realy but i would like to put toguether 
a pach by wich i could connect the video though nato/max 
on 1 laptop to 2 other laptops that would be dedicated to 
the sound.That way i would like to have the sound and the 
video interacting in real time... 
the 2 peoples I perform with are now using Protools and 
Logic Audio to play live. And I use Image/Ine but we would 
like to get more interaction happening between us/the 
video/thesounds wile we perform..
from what i know, max would be a good tool for a live 
sound performance (+nato being an object of max i could 
use that for the visuals) but how exacly does it compare to 
the filters found in aplications like protools and logicaudio 
+ has anyone heard of an ethernet object in max?

thanks a hole bunch

beewoo   **</\>**   www.batteryoperated.net

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