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Re: [microsound] ***parasites project request***

on 12/30/01 12:39 PM, anechoic at kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> please do the following when putting files on the server:
> - use filetype suffixes in your filenames...such as "mynewpiece.mp3" or
> "mycoolmovie.mov" or "myCoolMovie.qt" etc
> - do not use spaces or non-alphanumerics chars in filenames
> - example of bad filename: "#my, #new, #piece!.mp3"
> - example of good filename: "myNewPiece.mp3"
> (sans quotes of course)
> this makes things more clear for everyone
> thanks!
 Since we're on the subject , would you (or whoever's moving the files
around) please delete the 'test video l'. I couldn't even open that one with
the machine that made it, so it's a source of potential frustration.

               thank you so much


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