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Re: [microsound] Questions about raw data processing?

OK I know its a bit old school but...

Several years ago I bought an old Sequential Circuits drum machine (can't
remember the model number).  This particular machine has removable EPROMs
so that you can change the way it sounds by installing different EPROM
chips.  You could buy different kick drums, snares and high hats, on
seperate EPROM chips or,  if you were a real propellerhead, you could burn
your own sounds with an EPROM burner.  Since the same result could be much
more easily acheived with a sampler, this kind of thing  was of little
interest to me.  Instead I went about pulling EPROMs out of discarded
computers and other equipment that I'd find in skips or by the side of the
road.  The drum machine accepted the standard size EPROM chips which are
used in most computers and  microprocessor controlled equipment.  It was
just a matter of plugging these chips in and listening to the sounds that
the drum machine would interpret from the random data.  Sometimes I got
quite interesting results. Other times I'd just get white noise.

In the early nineties I worked on a radio production about nanotechnology.
For this we took the shield off a microphone and wandered around the back
of the racks of the IT section of ABC radio in Sydney.  Recorded some
interesting signals, buzzes clicks, etc..

Last year I did a performance with a SW radio and a Roland EF-303 effects
processor & step sequencer.  The radio picked up the raw data from the
unearthed EF-303 and the output of the radio was fed back into the EF-303.
This feedback loop could be "played" like a Theremin by moving the radio
around in the air.

>Hello, I am new to the microsound mailing list.
>I am currently finishing my diploma in a visual arts school in
>One of my works consists in 'recycling' raw data from my computer files
>(sound, images video, and others). With this data I want to create sound
>structures, and images.
>I am also creating videos with moving abstract forms that then are
>transformed to sound.
>The final project will be a video that uses different techniques and
>approaches in order to form one entity.
>I was doing researches on the internet sine a few months, and I never really
>found constructive documentation that could really help me - the proof: I
>found this mailing list only two days ago.
>If someone could give me some links, and other documentation about this
>process (books, authors, musicians, artists,?), I would appreciate.
>Thanks in advance
>Stephan Tolstoi