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[ot?] d e si d e r a t a #11


d e s i d e r a t a
number eleven  blister 2oo2

alexia dyslexia -princessica interview

e a r p e a c e -audio reviews
avey tare/panda bear/geologist
arco flute foundation
the ass baboons of venus
magali babin
coin gutter
roky erickson & the aliens
eso steel
hans grüsel's kränkenkabinet
the hungry ghost
sunburned hand of the man
andrew w.k.
wolf eyes
peter wright
neil young
(various artists) the freest of radicals
(various artists) new music for a bad economy

show trials -live reviews
    * mutant press/the hungry ghost
    * the monokulators/axis of evil
    * dirtbombs/quintron & miss pussycat/violent ramp
    * nate young/john olson/aaron dilloway/dr. gretchen's musical
weightlifting program
    * young people/tamion 12"/crack w.a.r./sliki

m y s t e r e -raicevic