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Re: [microsound] re: microsound as pop music

My question is : Where Albert Ayler, Charles Mingus and Jonh Coltrane stand
in this little white world of you folks??? Pop or "serious"??


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> i think the easiest defintion of pop music is any music found on a clear
> channel owned radio station or a viacom owned music television station.
> there's advertising associated, it's pop.  the tried and true test of pop
> whether it sells.
> pop = popular - ular.  so i'd say pop music is what the majority listens
> pop is the majority-rules course of evolution. it samples from all the
> different capillary music minorities and distills it into something
> neccessarily tiny (pop isn't a 40 minute tape loop of crackle pop hiss.
> it's 1-3 minutes of hook and filler appropriately placed to hold
> and easily digestible ("you'd heard it but you hadn't heard it before")
> sets it afloat among many other similar tinys from other capillaries.
> tinies.
> the distinction between pop and academic music has something to do with
> intent.  pop's main goal is to entertain (in order to make money), while
> academic music seems primarily concerned with exploring the unexplored and
> teaching about what comes up in that search. the categories "academic" and
> "pop" are by no means exclusive.   microsound could lie in either category
> (or both or there could be a pop subset within academic microsound) but i
> suspect it would primarily sit in academic because most
> consumers don't know that microsound exists.   alternatively:  kim cascone
> is not on mtv.
> pop and academic music both evolve and so both are driven by new.
> academicnew is new for new's sake, while popnew seems to be new only so
> that it entertains.  both are new on the scale/scope they're operating.
> does later what academic did first.  this makes sense, as it takes time
> the academic discoveries to be absorbed by pop and this time is the delay
> between academicnew and popnew.
> pop is a compression scheme.
> pop is grey, medium, 52%.
> don't fear the pop. love the pop.
> like (maybe) everything, this email needs a lot more sometimes', maybes,
> perhaps', and possiblys and seems'
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