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RE: [microsound] Re: microsound as pop music

No offense, Robert, but I don't think that's the case at all. Sure, there
have been plenty, perhaps too many words thrown about in the last few days,
and even we microsounders don't always achieve the quality of a good seminar
(though occasionally we rise to the level of Bill Maher's "Politically
Incorrect," when we try!). 

But very few people here, if any, are attempting to "force their will" on
anyone. There's a big difference between debate and coercion.

Additionally, not everything here is simply "opinion," unless you hold all
rational thought to be nothing more than a soup of individualist delusions.
Much of what is being argued here is a materialist argument about what makes
pop "pop" (ha). Whether it's your opinion that distinctions between pop and
"high" (or academic, or serious, etc.) art are well-founded, these
distinctions DO exist; they are embedded in culture and reinforced at every
turn. While we're unlikely to come up with a final theory in this forum, for
those of us interested in the question, this conversation provides the
opportunity to analyze the phenomena of pop and its obverse. That *is* a
productive line of inquiry, insofar as it provides new interpretive tools
for art and culture, for those interested in using them.

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This is honestly the most pointless discussion about music I have read in 
some time.  Sure, it facilitates a bit of talking amongst the members of a 
culture, but to what effect?  All that is being argued here are opinions - 
not even interpretations which could be backed up with evidence.  There will

never be any sort of consensus or progress towards some standard definition,

simply because there is nothing to be gained from such a debate.

Instead of discussing if "microsound" is "pop" or "anti-pop," why not talk 
about possible interpretations of other's work, or what a certain piece 
means to you and why?  That could be infinitely more interesting and 
rewarding to others than attempting to force your will upon someone else in 
a needless (and thus meaningless) argument of opinion.


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